Mekdes W. Shebeta

Mekdes W. Shebeta is co-founder and artistic director of the Hulu's pop-up gallery, she is a multidisciplinary artist
based in Burgen, Norway an Ethiopian artist.
The goal of Hulu’s pop-up gallery is to create a network for emerging artists and to promote cultural exchange and
to develop international communication through exhibitions, workshops and art residencies. Hulu welcomes all
mediums and offers a flexible way of exhibiting and promoting artworks.

On Movement

“Patching-Up” workshop. There was been about 12 local and international artists participating in a contemporary art exhibition with the theme of movement. The “On Movement” exhibition includes a diverse group of artists, using a variety of mediums, including digital, video, audio, drawing, painting, performance, installation and interactive events for the opening. 

Field Research Workshop

Invited artists has been traveled to rural areas of Ethiopia to conduct field-research with traditional craft artisans, the rural to urban migrants whose daily survival depends on their artistry and music.

The Patching-Up field-research involve independent projects between invited artists and artisans to create an open-ended cross cultural exchange, with art as a starting point for dialogs about migration and survival. Invited artists are encouraged to develop their own projects and types of social engagement with artisans. Hulu Studio has organized for the guest artists to travel to Sidamo and Agena market in Gurage Land, where participant artists may decide to hold their
field-workshop projects.

Hulu studio