Yosef Berhanu

Yosef Berhanu weldetensay born to be a painter, he spends his time for fine arts in making of different conceptual paintings related to the situation that occurred among the society of humankind’s and the rest.


Biruk Haile

Biruk Haile is sculpture Artist from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, His artworks are based on his passion and inspiration of the Ethiopian traditional handcraft society. His art work’s theme on the contemporary art styles, relief and three dimensional sculpture by using a lot of different wastage materials.

Abenezer Tilahun

Abenezer Tilahun is a self taught Digital artist from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He’s mostly interested in Character Design and that interest came from a desire to replicate and or represent a part of his imagination.

Amanuel Workenh

Amanuel workenh is public mural art and Easel painting artist, from Addis Ababa Ethiopia. He participated in several art exhibitions, public art works, and charity programs. He is in love with teaching art for children’s so right now he is teaching art for graders.