Hulu Fine Arts and Design Studio

Founded by Dawit Tsegaye, Hulu studio is a fine art and a design studio company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Hulu means all in one in Amharic, it is the collective of creative and innovative Designers and Artist’s studio.

The objective of Hulu studio is to present the work of innovative artists in all media, to promote creativity and artistic exploration.

The goal of Hulu’s pop-up gallery is to create a network for emerging artists and to promote cultural exchange and to develop international communication through exhibitions, workshops and art residencies. Hulu welcomes all mediums and offers a flexible way of exhibiting and promoting artworks.

Hulu studio

dawit tsegaye

Creative Director/founder

Hulu studio

mekdes w. shebeta

Artistic Director/Co-founder

yosef berhanu

Artist/ painter

Hulu studio

biruk haile


Hulu studio

amanuel workneh


Abenezer tilahun


Elias muzie


hulu studio

Industrial designer/ product designer

hulus tudio